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fábrica da nata
Fábrica da Nata
fábrica da nata
fábrica da nata
Fábrica da Nata

fábrica da nata



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About Fábrica da Nata

At Fábrica da Nata" The" cream custard tart is the Hero.         


And all offer was set around the factory star, with breakfast, lunch and snack options.


Let yourself be tempted by custard tarts , from Fábrica da Nata, finished out of the oven, made ​​in his view, warm , sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar.


You will not be able to stay only for one! Because it's not a sin , it is a pleasure and gluttony do not live here .


Fábrica da Nata at Lisbon or Oporto is fancy being, the space invites you to come and enjoy "the" Pastel de Nata, in one of its cozy rooms, some with armchairs and sofas or at a large terrace ideal for summer days.


the history of

Pastel de Nata

The cream custard tarts (Pastéis de Nata) are one of the most popular specialties of Portuguese pastry. Next to the end of the 17th century, several convents and monasteries of the seventeenth century in Portugal produced a diverse range of pastries and desserts egg-based, by using the remains of egg whites used in washing clothes and wine production process. With the expulsion of the religious orders and the closing of many convents and monasteries in the aftermath of the Liberal Revolution of 1820, this recipe came out of convents and became an ex libris of the Portuguese pastry. 




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